Reshape the way you smile & sleep all in one breath

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In addition to straightening your teeth, Beyond Your Smile will enhance the structure of your mouth to help combat other dental issues. With this method, we can reduce the chances of surgery and tooth extractions. If your current dental provider is recommending surgery, come in for a second opinion!


There is increasing evidence that a narrow dental arch is highly correlated with upper airway obstruction, ear infections, & sleep apnea. Beyond Your Smile has been successful in offering an alternative treatment to improve overall health.


We are the leading innovator in the field of orthodontics. We have created breakthrough orthodontic techniques with an inventive new theory and methodology called Dentometrics®. Dr. Lee’s experience and research has put her at the forefront of orthodontic therapy.



Dr. Lee is more than a highly trained orthodontist. She has a unique philosophy on orthodontics that she applies with care to every patient.

Her years of experience and training from Brown and Harvard University provide her the ability to give you excellent orthodontic care. Through a deep analysis of your mouth, Dr. Lee will provide a detailed treatment plan to best suit your needs.

Dr. Lee has developed patents for her palatal appliances and orthodontic models, as well as developing the Dentometric® Shape Analysis. This allows a much deeper look into the needs of the patient and aids in designing a treatment to create the best smile!



Note to Patients:

It is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is just about having straighter teeth. While this is true, a good orthodontist will enhance your overall health. This will result in improvements in:

  • Breathing

  • Speaking

  • Sleeping

  • Eating

At Beyond Your Smile, we will make this happen by completely re-configuring the shape of your mouth so that it better fits the structure of your face.


Note to Dentists:

At our practice, we fix the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. Crooked teeth, for example, are caused by malocclusion, a deformation in the mouth arch.

We reconfigure the arch so that it matches the skull structure; this ensures that the patient’s teeth and mouth work perfectly with his or her facial anatomy.

Once the patient’s teeth are permanently straightened, it becomes easier for the patient to manage his or her dental care. Simply put, orthodontics with Beyond Your Smile makes your job easier.

If you are a health professional interested in learning more about Dr Lee’s methodology please visit www.envisium.com or email info@envisiumhealth.com.



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