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11 Week Orthodontic Treatment for a 13 Year Old Girl

She was told she needed 4 teeth extracted and would wear braces for a few years.

A 13 year old patient came to my practice in February of 2015. Here treatment started in March of 2015. She had been seen by other orthodontists who all told her she needed to have 4 teeth extracted and that she would be wearing braces for a few years.


If Traditional Treatment Was Used

Had she taken the advice of the other orthodontists, with extractions of her premolars, she would have had a more gummy smile and her lip would have the reverse simile line.


The extraction site would have the permanent bone damage with ” vertical defect.” In addition, she would have the deep overbite which would worsen over time.

Additionally, she would have been wearing braces for at least a few years.

Dr. Lee’s Treatment

My treatment methodology generally results in the avoidance of uncessary surgical procedures as well as a much shorter treatment plan.

This patient was able to avoid tooth extractions, had a very short treatment period of just under 3 months, and ultimately got results that will were better than if she had gone down the traditional path of orthodontic treatment.

Why does my orthodontic treatment work?

Teeth have evolved for almost 100,000 to 200,000 years, since Homo sapiens appeared. Their numbers shapes, and sizes are configured so that they fit to the human facial structure for the best function.  Thus, my goal of orthodontic treatment is to restore and maintain the normal configuration of the dental arch structure for the normal oral physiology.

So if the number, size and shape are altered in such cases of extraction and stripping, the natural proportional relationship of the dental arch to the skull structure will also be altered. With extraction and non-natural process, the treatment fails in terms of restoring the normal morphologic relationship between the dental arch and the facial anatomy.

Teeth are vital organs comprising the oral cavity in an arch form. Every single tooth, except the third molars are the constituents of the arch configuration.

Next Steps

Have you been told you need extractions of teeth and/or jaw surgery?

If you have been told you need extractions, stripping of teeth or jaw surgery to improve problems with your teeth alignments, please feel free to contact me, or have your dentist contact me for a consultation.

Does someone you know need help?

If you know someone who has similar problems that this patient had, who has also been told he needs jaw surgery, please have him contact my office to schedule a consultation.

Are you a Dentist?

If you are a dentist who has a patient with similar problems and would like for me to review the patients record, please contact my office and schedule some time to talk.

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