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A Very Complicated Orthodontic Case for a Young Female Child

A young female child with a much larger lower jaw than her upper jaw.

An adolescent female was referred to my practice by her dentist, and brought with her a very complicated case.

She had an underbite with large lower jaw compare to upper jaw.  To make her case extremely difficult, she had a cross bite with an openbite that she had insufficient  bite and had difficulty in eating, swallowing, mouth breathing, articulating and sleep.

If Traditional Treatment Was Used

If this child was treated using traditional orthodontics, she would have had to endure splitting apart of her right and left palate and opening between the oral and nasal cavity.In addition, she would have had to have had jaw surgery.

Her treatment duration would have been lengthy and require multiple orthodontic treatments.  Since the she was not ready for the jaw surgery due to her ongoing developmental stage, her braces would have been removed temporarily to align her teeth at that time. she would have restarted braces just to prepare for the jaw surgery, when she is done with growth.

Her treatment would have been very expensive and painful.

Dr. Lee’s Treatment

I treated her upper arch first to be configured according to her biological dimension of her facial and cranial structures. In other words, I made her mouth fit her natural and biological dimensions.

Once her arch was re-shaped properly, I then did bond the braces on her upper and lower arches. During the course of treatment, I addressed her dysfunctional neuromuscular Innervation.

One of the important aspects is that by addressing the dysfunctional oral habit as well as improving her arch configuration, her posture completely changed. She is more upright and breathes better.  If you see the before pictures, her posture was forward.

This case took little longer, because the patient disappeared for a while. Total treatment was 2 years, but I think this case would have been done in one year, if the patient kept up with the appointments consistently.

It is also important to note that my treatment approach involved no extraction, no palate splitting and no surgery

Now she has a beautiful smile and bite.

Why does my orthodontic treatment work?

Teeth have evolved for almost 100,000 to 200,000 years, since Homo sapiens appeared. Their numbers shapes, and sizes are configured so that they fit to the human facial structure for the best function.  Thus, my goal of orthodontic treatment is to restore and maintain the normal configuration of the dental arch structure for the normal oral physiology.

So if the number, size and shape are altered in such cases of extraction and stripping, the natural proportional relationship of the dental arch to the skull structure will also be altered. With extraction and non-natural process, the treatment fails in terms of restoring the normal morphologic relationship between the dental arch and the facial anatomy.

Next Steps

Have you been told you need extractions of teeth and/or jaw surgery?

If you have been told you need extractions, stripping of teeth or jaw surgery to improve problems with your teeth alignments, please feel free to contact me, or have your dentist contact me for a consultation.

Teeth are vital oragns comprising the oral structure in an arch configuration. 

Does someone you know need help?

If you know someone who has similar problems that this patient had, who has also been told he needs jaw surgery, please have him contact my office to schedule a consultation.

Are you a Dentist?

If you are a dentist who has a patient with similar problems and would like for me to review the patients record, please contact my office and schedule some time to talk.

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