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Able to avoid the tooth extraction with reshaping of the dental arch back to its normal form.

A young boy came to my practice from a patient referral. The boy had a number of problems that originated from a deformed dental arch.

  • He had severe deep overbite
  • He had crooked upper teeth
  • He had a big gap at the corner of his lips
  • He had crowding, especially on his lower dental arch. In order for the to premolars to come in, he needed his teeth pulled to make room.

The orthodontist he had seen before coming to my office indeed recommended that he have some teeth extracted.


If you look closely at his x-ray, you can see that the premolars didn’t have room to erupt properly. With the extraction plan, his smile and the deep overbite would not improve.

My opinion is that he did not need the extraction. He had enough space for all his teeth. What he needed was to have his arch form adjusted back to a normal shape.

Treatment Plan

As with all of my patients, my treatment methodology followed a logical progression.

  1. I determined the natural dental arch form belonging to the patient.
  2. Using my Dentometric appliance™, I reshaped the patient’s dental arch to its normal shape.
  3. Once the arch is in line with the normal range of the configured analysis, I re-evaluated the need for extractions.
  4. Then brackets are bonded to improve the occlusion.

Had this patient gone through conventional orthodontic treatment, he would have had to endure extractions to needlessly extract teeth. The problem with that diagnosis would have been that it was being made with a deformed dental arch in place.

He would have also likely maintained his gappy smile, and certainly would not have achieved as full a smile as he did. The reason is that his arch would still be deformed, making the smile look narrow, and, his mouth would been missing teeth, making it impossible for his

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