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An Adult Woman With Severely Crooked Teeth Treated in Less Than 10 Months

Crooked teeth due to Structural Deformity of the Dental Arch

An adult woman came to me to avoid the surgery and extraction of her permanent teeth.

Her chief complaints were the gummy smile and crooked teeth.

My clinical findings were the displacement of the mucosal tissue at the corner of the mouth and severe crowding on her upper and lower dental arches due to the deformation of the arch form.

With a conventional orthodontic treatment plan, this patients arch form would have been accepted as her normal arch form. Because of this, she was told to have her palate surgically splitted and teeth pulled to alleviate the crowding. The traditional orthodontic treatment would have result in making her teeth straight, but on a deformed dental arch.

Treatment Plan

My treatment methodology follows a logical progression.

  1. I determine the natural dental arch form belonging to the patient.
  2. Using my Dentometric appliance™, I reshape the patient’s dental arch to its normal shape.
  3. Once the arch is in line with the normal range of the configured analysis, I re-evaluate the need for surgical procedures.
  4. If her malocclusion is not caused by the true skeletal discrepancy, the braces alone can improve the fitting of the upper and lower teeth without surgery.

This case took total of nine months.

Current Treatment Philosophy and the Dental Arch

In current dentistry, there are no methods of looking at the normalcy of the arch form itself. As the dental professional, we talk a lot about the occlusion but the arch form itself is assumed to be normal, if the occlusion is normal. The problem is, often times even when the occlusion is normal,  the dental arch form is deformed.

The dental arch form is  an anatomically configured biological form in the human skull. The landmark points on my analysis represent the anatomical location of the teeth not by the occlusion itself. The importance of these landmark locations according to the skull anatomy is that they are configured and conformed to the adjacent facial structures, such as the nasal and throat cavities.

The significance of my paradigm is that the dental arch is functionally correlated to the functions of nasal, ear, and throat.

If my patient went through the current method of treatment, she may have the straight teeth but the smile line would have remained deformed and the anatomical function of her mouth would have be negatively impacted.

Next Steps

Have you been told, in relation to straightening your teeth or your childs teeth, that:

  • You need your jaw broken?
  • You need your teeth extracted?
  • You need your teeth stripped?
  • Your child teeth are impacted?

Does someone you know need help?

If you know someone who has similar problems that this patient had, who has also been told he needs jaw surgery, please have him contact my office to schedule a consultation.

Are you a Dentist?

If you are a dentist who has a patient with similar problems and would like for me to review the patients record, please contact my office and schedule some time to talk.

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