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Child With a Severe Openbite in Braces Less Than 5 Months

The importance of addressing certain orthodontic problems at an early age.

A young girl was referred to my office was referred by her friends mother who also had treatment at my office. The young girl had what is called a servere anterior openbite.

The good news is that she got to start her orthodontic treatment early before she lost all of her baby teeth. The benefit of such early treatment, which is reffered as Phase I, is that the dental aligment can be improved by guiding the proper growth and adressing the underlying functional issues.

Her anterior openbite is due to the oral dysfunction, which is triggered by the misuse of the oral and facial muscles. In such cases, not only the appearance of the way teeth are aligned is affected, but also the functions of oral and nasal cavities are significantly affected.

The anterior openbite impacts on the spontaneous breathing, while chewing, swallowing, and sleeping, as well as speaking. Because the cause of the dental misfit is totally related the neuromuscular function, it is extremely important to address the orthodontic problems at a younger age than waiting until the child loses all of his or her baby teeth.

Dr. Lee’s Treatment

In this particular case, the child was treated with the palate shaper and then followed up with four brackets on her upper front teeth for few months. Then the brace and the shaper are removed. She was instructed to wear the functional appliance at night as the retainer for few year or so, until she lost all the baby teeth.

Once she had the full adult teeth, she was wearing the braces for less than four months. The final picture was taken few year after the braces were removed to show the stability of reshaping and addressing the functional etiology of the orthodontic problems at the early age.

Traditional Treatment

With a traditional treatment, many years of braces during growth and ended up with a surgical treatment as the growth seized.

Why does my orthodontic treatment work?

Teeth have evolved for almost 100,000 to 200,000 years, since Homo sapiens appeared. Their numbers shapes, and sizes are configured so that they fit to the human facial structure for the best function.  Thus, my goal of orthodontic treatment is to restore and maintain the normal configuration of the dental arch structure for the normal oral physiology.

So if the number, size and shape are altered in such cases of extraction and stripping, the natural proportional relationship of the dental arch to the skull structure will also be altered. With extraction and non-natural process, the treatment fails in terms of restoring the normal morphologic relationship between the dental arch and the facial anatomy.

Teeth are vital organs comprising the oral cavity in an arch form. Every single tooth, except the third molars are the constituents of the arch configuration.

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