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Young Professional Adult Male with a Long Lower Jaw

A young professional with a combination of underbite and openbite avoided complicated surgical procedures.

A young professional adult was referred to my practice by his dentist for orthodontic treatment. When he came to me, he had an underbite. He also had no bite, meaning, his upper and lower teeth did not meet.

Traditional Treatment

In cases like this young man’s, traditional treatment normally includes multiple surgical procedures. The surgery would have included a sagital split surgery on his palate to make it wider.

He also would have had to wear a rapid palatal expansion (RPE) on his palate. This comes with an antomical side effect of opening up his suture which would interupt the barrier betwen the mouth and nasal cavity, as well as possible scaring.

After this initial surgery, he would have had to wear braces for at least 18 months.

After that period of time, he would have had jaw surgery on either his upper or lower jaw, or likely both. After this surgery, he would have had to wear braces for at least another year, making that a total time wearing braces of clase to three years.

Dr. Lee’s Treatment

The first thing we did was to reshape the upper arch back to a normal shape, and coordinate the lower dental arch with the upper arch. He had a missing molar on his upper left quadrant that was treated with the three unit bridge. The pontic was removed by his dentist, in order to re-shape his upper dental arch.

We reshaped the dental arches with normal proportioning according to the natural skull structure, allowing the patients teeth to be aligned to their normal anatomical positions.

He wore braces for a total of five and a half months. Total treatment time with my practice was seven and a half months, as compared to clase to three years minimum with traditional treatment, and, he was able to avoid both surgical procedures.

The photos of the after treatment show the missing tooth, which was filled by the pontic prior to the treatment.

Why does my orthodontic treatment work?

Teeth have evolved for over 100,000 to 200,000 years, since the Homo sapiens appear as the human trait. Their numbers, shapes, and sizes are configured so that they fit to the human facial structure for the best function.  Thus, my goal of orthodontic treatment is to restore and maintain the normal configuration of the dental arch structure for the normal oral physiology.

So if the number, size and shape are altered in such cases of extraction and stripping the teeth size will alter the natural relationship. When you have the extraction and non natural process, the treatment fails in terms of restoring the normal morphologic relationship between the dental arch and the facial anatomy.

Next Steps

Have you been told you need extractions of teeth and/or jaw surgery?

If you have been told you need extractions, stripping of teeth or jaw surgery to improve problems with your teeth alignments, please feel free to contact me, or have your dentist contact me for a consultation.

Does someone you know need help?

If you know someone who has similar problems that this patient had, who has also been told he needs jaw surgery, please have him contact my office to schedule a consultation.

Are you a Dentist?

If you are a dentist who has a patient with similar problems and would like for me to review the patients record, please contact my office and schedule some time to talk.

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