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Orthodontic Treatment for a Woman With an Adult Crossbite

An adult woman at risk for breaking her teeth. An adult woman with a severe crossbite was referred to my practice by one of my former patients. She presented a difficult case that included: Tissue damage A Crossbite An Openbite An Underbite Since her front teeth were in a constant state of oclusal trauma, she was at risk of breaking her teeth. If Traditional Treatment Was Used In this case, had the patient received a more traditional orthodontic treatment plan, she would have had to endure: Surgery to split the palate Extractions of vital teeth Possible jaw breaking surgery Her treatment plan would have likely taken a minimum of three years. Dr. Lee's Treatment For this patient, as with may of my patients, I had to first reshape the upper arch according to her biological dimensions. I started her lower arch with braces to fit the upper. She has the [...]

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