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Doctor Sue Lee’s Palate Appliance for Orthodontics

Dr. Sue S. Lee has developed the Dentometrics Theory and analysis, introducing the concept of re-shaping the dental arch.

Its purpose is to provide the technique to better understanding of the human mouth as a simple solution to orthodontic care that results in shorter duration of wearing braces without pulling teeth or expanding the suture between the palates.

This re-shaping of the arch form is carried by SLPA that is unique to Dr. Lee’s practice.

Currently, it is common to extract teeth, split the palates to expand, and wear braces for multiple years. The Dental community views the position of the teeth as the cause of crowding and malocclusion.

The mode of treatment is reactive, such that most dentists and orthodontists wait until all the adult teeth are developed within the oral cavity;  thereby allowing the possibilities of impaction, resorption of roots, of permanent teeth, deviation of jaw, adverse effect on the facial profile, and failing to address the impact of a high palate on nasal and pharyngeal cavities.

The traditional palate expansion (PE) appliance splits the palate through the midpalatine suture, such that it lacks addressing constriction of dental arches as the result of the deformation of oral structures.

The traditional PE splits the palate apart along the suture line. According to the Gray’s anatomy book, the palate serves as the roof of the oral cavity, mouth, but also serves as the floor of the nasal cavity, nose. Therefore, RPE opens the barrier that is the suture between the mouth and nose.

Is this ideal? I think you could formulate your own opinion to whether opening the suture is good treatment. Often times, the cases treated with the traditional RPE leaves the thick fibrotic suture line, as shown in the below picture.

What is different about the Sue Lee’s Palate Appliance (SLPA) is that it does not split the palate like the traditional palate expander. It re-shapes the dental bone and palate then aligns teeth.

The most benefit of SLPA is restoring the dental arch configuration that is the characteristics to the morphology of human dentition. The arch form by Dr. Lee’s Dentometrics constitutes the dental arch as the part of the human skull anatomy. The contour of dental arch curves harmoniously with the rest of the facial structure for the natural smile.


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